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HEY(: Sorry about not posting for a couple months. I have just been extremely busy with school, xc, and suchh. BUT- I will try to keep this blog updated and I have just begin filming youtube videos- it would really mean a lot to me if you checked them out (: So my youtube channel is... http://www.youtube.com/user/araofsunshine
and the video on this post is an OOTW that I just finished filming and editing today.

Also if yah wanna check out my oh-so-old polyvore:

Thanks (:

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Sometimes Honesty is the Worst Policy

Dress- H&M, Cardigan- Mom's closet, Wedges- Target, Bag- Juicy Couture, Jewelry- Gifted& DIY

 If you were to catch me anywhere out- movies or dinner- you would probably see me carrying this bag. Its the perfect bag that can be dressed up or down. It does get quite heavy because of the gold hardware. But the velvet, quilted sides, and bow makes it easily my most favorite purse.

In the last couple days, the weather has been amazing. I can unofficially say that summer is gone. With school just starting, I'm gonna be needing a ton of coffee. Last year, I would just stop by Starbucks really quickly before school for my daily pick-me-up. (I always got a Vanilla Latte, White Chocolate Mocha, or Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha.) In fact, it got to the point that I would be stopping by Starbucks 4 out of the 5 days of school. So, this year, in order to save more money, I decided to make my own coffee. But since making a pot of coffee is too time consuming, I opted for another alternative...

I would use...
Soy Milk (from local Asian grocery store), Starbucks Instant Coffee- Coloumbia blend, and Nutella. I would add a half cup of HOT water, half cup of soy milk, packet of instant coffee, and generous spoonful of Nutella.
Drink with a white peach, and a slice of Angel-cake & there's a typical Angie breakfast. I admit that this won't stop me from getting Starbucks every morning, but it's just another alternative. (:

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Which way is right, which way is wrong.

Dress- Urban Outfitters, Belt- Mom's closet, Shoes- Steve Madden, Jewelry- DIY, Local Boutique & Urban Outfitters

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Taking shortcuts through alleys.

Top- American Eagle& DIY Tie Dye, Shorts- Wetseal, Shoes- Rainbow, Jewlery- DIY& Alexandra (http://alexandraunderwater.com/)

Normally at the beach, I don't dress nicely, because I'm always afraid of it getting wet/sandy/salty. However, this low-maintenance tie dye shirt is my love. Even though it reminds me of the 70s, it is the perfect shirt just to throw over your bikini. 
Anyway; as you could probably already guess I spent the last couple weeks at the beach. I was also at a UNCW marine summer program. But I also went surfing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, and boating. And now that I'm back, I'll be posting more frequently. Anyway, here are a few pictures that I took:

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Wake up, we both need to wake up.

 Top- Forever21, Shorts- DIY, Shoes- Sperry Top Sider

Happy Fourth of July (:
Sorry for low-quality pictures, I couldn't find my charger. Anyway have fun with your patriotic activities today (: 



Give you this, give you that.

Blazer- Aeropostale, Dress- H&M, Heels- H&M, Headscarf- (Gifted)

These pictures were taken before the infamous heat wave. I wore this outfit out to dinner; the dress was perfect length for a family function. The headscarf was gifted and is by the brand, Garage ( which I believe is a Canadian Brand?). It is also extremely useful for bad hair days.

This past weekend has been spent DIYing, working, & reorganizing my room. I can't wait to go to work tommorow& get my paycheck. I see a shopping spree soon (: Also, being the soccer enthusiast that I am, I've been all over the EURO 2012 games. Now that its over, I guess I'll end up just watching Olympic trials. Well, bye!

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These ideas of mine percolate the mind.

Tank Top- DIY, Straw Hat- Flea Market in the Bahamas,  Belt- Local Boutique, Shorts- Urban Outfitters, Heels- H&M, Nails- REVLON's Craving Coral

The HOT Summer days are back; which I am not exactly excited about considering that it can get up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  I rediscovered the straw hat while I was cleaning out my closet.  And I love how the subtle black bow instantly makes the hat seem less farmer-like; it also does the obvious and protects my face from the sun (: 
The tank was just a plain white tank from Forever21, and then I painted the 'forever young' in Acrylic Paint. I really need some new paintbrushes-hence the uneven lines.
Aside from Fiona Apple's new album and revamping old clothing, I have recently been obsessed with Gossip Girl. I just started watching Season 1 last week, and is already well into Season 2. Well, thats it for now.

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